From Disappointment to Hope: Can Meme Coin Make the Expected Recovery?

shiba inu marketing expert Lucie discussed the reasons behind SHIB’s relatively stagnant price, which has led to disappointment among investors. According to data from IntoTheBlock, while the token remains below $0.000008, 81.81% of investors are at a loss, with only 12.98% in profit. Social media platforms are flooded with expressions of disappointment from SHIB investors.

While the halving is predicted to be productive for BTC, other tokens are on the analyst’s radar for a potential drop. Here is one such analyst who has pinpointed market sentiments around community frenzy tokens.

From Disappointment to Hope: Lucie’s Optimistic View of SHIB

Amid growing frustration, Lucie, one of the leading influencers in the SHIB community, took to Twitter to explain why the price of SHIB did not experience the expected surge known as “mooning”. headed. Based on their experience, crypto- He points out that prices usually show a downward trend about a year before the next halving event.

Bitcoin’s next halving is expected to occur in April or May 2024. According to his recommendations, the summer months may bring more bearish trends. However, in the autumn and winter months, hopes rise with the expectation of positive news and developments.

Crypto prices tend to calm down about a year before a halving event

Shibarium Will Increase SHIB Value

Analyst, SHIB ecosystem’s L2 scaling solution shibarium He reassures the community that this is not a pump and dump scheme. Rather, he believes the technology will bring significant growth and benefit to SHIB and other ecosystem tokens such as LEASH and BONE. Lucie encourages community members to be patient over the long term, pointing to the exciting possibilities ahead.

In particular, the launch of Shibarium is eagerly awaited. On the other hand, it is expected to happen towards the end of this year. Some speculate that its unveiling could take place at the Blockchain Futuristic Conference, which is scheduled for next month. However, investors have high hopes that the introduction of Shibarium’s mainnet will lead to a spike in the prices of ecosystem tokens, potentially triggering the long-awaited rally for the meme coin. However, the actual reaction of the market remains unclear.

In conclusion

As the Shiba Inu community grapples with the current low price of the SHIB, Lucie’s insights offer a glimmer of hope for the future. The projected timeline is in line with market trends, and the upcoming Shibarium launch brings optimism for potential growth in the ecosystem.

Lucie urges community members to prepare for the “long term.” However, she hints at exciting times ahead.

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