Flights with electric passenger planes are starting!

After electric bicycles, automobiles and tractors, now it’s time for passenger planes. Electrification steps continue rapidly in the global world. In addition, airline companies have started to plan their fleet for the future. Scandinavian Airlines, on the other hand, can be said to have made the first breakthrough. The airline began receiving reservations for its first electric commercial flight. Here are the details…

Maybe not this summer vacation, but reservations for the next ones!

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has started taking reservations for its first electric passenger plane service. But don’t expect a reservation for this year’s summer vacation. Or within the next four summer holidays. Because Scandinavian Airlines aims to make its first electric passenger plane flight to Sweden, Norway and Denmark in 2028. The airline can fly to 3 or 4 different destinations at the same time for the first time.

2028 may sound too late as a date. However, when we look at the current technology limits, we have to state that it is a very ambitious statement. Because if all goes well, a truly full-range electric passenger plane is expected to take place in 2027 at the earliest. However, the airline company determines only 1 year after this date.

New signs of life in Space: But this time, not from Mars!

New signs of life in Space: But this time, not from Mars!

The universe is big and humanity is just as small. Water has been found on Saturn’s moon Enceladus in space. Here are the details…

It is not possible to get a clear answer when the company is asked for other details about the flights. Because the airline has not yet chosen an aircraft model. In any case, these planes are not yet built. Other details about the landing and departure points, flight duration and distance of the flights to be made are not disclosed. The company states that it will announce more details if the developments continue.

Which aircraft could take the first electric commercial flight?

Actually, it’s pretty early for this question. Because many aviation companies are working on the subject, but many of them have not announced their projects. This is actually an indication that we do not know how many different passenger jets will be on the market when the time comes. But one of these possibilities is quite strong: the ES30.

Developed by Swedish startup Heart Aerospace, the ES30 is an all-electric aircraft. With a passenger capacity of 30, the aircraft will have a total range of 200 kilometers. This range may seem low at first, but remember that the vehicle in question is an airplane and how much power its engines must produce. The range of 200 kilometers is quite successful, especially for the entry level.

The ES30 currently has 4 electric motors. It can fly at a maximum altitude of 20,000 feet. The range of the aircraft is increased by all-electric for 200 kilometers and hybrid for 400 kilometers. It is expected to make its maiden flight in 2028. So what do you think? Don’t forget to give your opinion in the comments section…

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