First Image of Electric Pick-up BYD Shark Shared

BYD, one of the giants of the electric car market, showed its fully electric pickup truck Shark for the first time and announced that it will introduce it soon. Some features of the vehicle were also revealed.

in China on Thursday Beijing Auto Show will start. While many manufacturers were making their final preparations for the event, which is China’s largest automobile fair, BYD, the country’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, made a surprise. Electric pickup BYD Shark appeared on China’s social media site Weibo.

Having previously designed for companies such as Lamborghini and Audi, Wolfgang Egger signed by BYD Shark It was first on the agenda in 2022. The four-door electric pickup truck, which resembles the Ford F-150, appeared after approximately 1.5 years of waiting.

Here are the features of BYD Shark

We cannot see the vehicle fully in the image shared by BYD, but we can make out some details. The first of these is, of course, located at the top of the grill and LED lighting throughout. It is noteworthy that the headlights of the vehicle are square-shaped classic off-road style. When we play around with the image settings a bit The part reserved for the BYD logo on the front grille stands out. In addition, the rim design of the vehicle wide sidewall tires Made to fit. The front bumper looks hard but thin. It is also noticeable that a pole design was chosen in the cabin.

byd shark

BYD also designed the vehicle to perform better in off-road conditions. DMO announced that they use the rechargeable hybrid engine technology called. In addition, the four-wheel drive electric drive system will contribute to the off-road performance of the vehicle by distributing torque as needed. According to the tests carried out, the vehicle’s power unit 180kW (245 horsepower) produces power and range 1200 km. BYD’s “shark” aims to grab a piece of the market of Tesla Cybertruck, which has been having problems recently.

With its breakthrough last year, BYD left Tesla behind and became the best-selling electric car company in the world.


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