First Considered Names for Threads Announced

Instagram President Adam Mosseri announced the names initially considered for the Threads application. The names reveal that the company initially wanted to take a similar approach to Instagram.

Social media giant Instagram, which continues its activities within the body of Meta, Threads He launched the microblogging application named after him. The platform, which emerged as a direct competitor to X (Twitter), was very popular at the beginning, but then lost interest. However, it managed to attract users again with the features it introduced recently and reached 100 million users.

Today, interesting information about Threads emerged. Instagram President Adam Mosseri, from his Threads account The first names considered for the application explained.

The names “Epigram” and “Textagram” were considered for Threads.

Mosseri shared in his post that one of the first names considered for Threads was “Epigram” he stated. In addition, one of the other names that was never disclosed and that some people had a hard time giving up was “textagram” he said.

However, the company did not use any of these and turned to Threads. We can say that it’s a good thing he did this because neither name sounds good. Epigram means “ in Englisha short saying that expresses an idea in a clever and entertaining way.” appears as. Textagram is the combination of the word “text”, which directly means “text” in English, and “gram”.


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First of all, Meta says that in this application, like Instagram, “-gramIt seems that he wants to use ”. However, fortunately, this obsession was abandoned and a name that was both more original and suitable for the concept, Threads, was preferred.

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