Famous Supporter: Bitcoin Will Instantly Rise To 220 Thousand Dollars, The Real Bulls Will Start!

Famous Bitcoin advocate Max Keiser suggested that the price of Bitcoin will suddenly rise to $ 220 thousand and the real bull market will begin after that.

El Salvador Prime Minister Nayib Bukele known for its close relationship with Max Keiser by March 21 social media shared post, sat on the agenda of the cryptocurrency community. Keiser, Bitcoin price will rise very quickly to the $ 220 thousand band. And real bull market He suggested that he would start later.

Keiser’s prediction bitcoin available for 28 thousand dollars from the price levels 220 thousand dollars right about 685%It indicates a sudden rise of . of bitcoin In the bull run in 2020 about 4,000 dollars from the bottom 69 thousand dollars to the band 17x rise in months Considering Keiser’s prediction of the future has the potential to be realized.

CoinGecko data in the last 24 hours 1.6% rise performing Bitcoin, at the time of writing from $28,300 is being traded.

Keiser, who has come to the fore with similar statements in the past, has also been the chief architect of many speculative discourses. Bitcoin advocate, who previously described Ethereum as a scam, in another recent post, said that the price of Bitcoin 30 thousand dollars Binance CEO if passed Changpeng Zhao (CZ) He suggested that short positions would explode.

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