Ex-Nirvana DRummer Dave Grohl admits – “I’m an ABBA fan” – music

Hard rockers like it soft.

Dave Grohl, head of the band Foo Fighters and former drummer at Nirvana, has come out as an Abba fan. His favorite Abba song is “Dancing Queen”, he told “Zeitmagazin” (Thursday).

“When I hear that, I turn myself into a“ dancing queen ”. In my opinion, Abba have never written a bad song, ”explains the rock musician.

Rocker Dave Grohl at a concert in New York in OctoberPhoto: Getty Images for The New Yorker

Even the new Abba songs are amazing, ”the 52-year-old told the supplement to the weekly newspaper“ Die Zeit ”.

He discovered his passion for music as a child when he was driving with his mother, “when we sang along to the songs that were on the radio,” said Grohl.

During the pandemic, the musician wrote his autobiography. “When I realized that the lockdown would be with us for a while, I decided to try the book. I had just finished a record. Another one immediately after would have been boring. “

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