Ethereum Whales Are Investing In These Assets According To WhaleStats!

WhaleStats richest people in the world, according to data provided by Ethereum (ETH) wallet owners have focused their attention on these “play-to-win” game projects.

The latest data from WhaleStats reveals the current spending habits of the top 1000 Ethereum addresses over the exchange. These whale wallets, stablecoin Tetherto (USDT) looks positive.

But according to data from WhaleStats, CoinbaseAn Ethereum-based win-to-play altcoin whose value has risen since its recent listing on Gala (GALA), these whales attract attention.

The largest single operation in GALA was performed by a whale known as “Light”, about approx. worth 4 million dollars 9,999,911 GALA‘s was purchased.

Data from WhaleStats over the last 24 hours, average Tether purchase amount $121,862, the average amount of ETH purchases $54,745 and average GALA purchase $47,886 shows that.

Whales are also pegged to BTC price Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), virtual reality platform Decentraland (MANA) and memecoin Dogelon Mars (ELON) He continues to make small purchases in his coins.

GALA, on the other hand, gained rapid popularity despite being a relatively new player in the altcoin world. Gala Games team aims to create an ecosystem of blockchain-based play-to-win games. To date, five game development companies and Town Star made the game playable as beta.

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