Ether Transfer from Vitalik Buterin to Popular US Crypto Exchange: Sell or Position?

Ethereum (ETH) Founder Vitalik Buterin transferred 200 Ether to popular US cryptocurrency exchange Kraken.

On-chain analytics platform PechShield published on its official social media account on March 13. in the shipmentabout Vitalik Buterin’s Kraken 334 thousand dollars worth 200 ETH proved to be transferred. There was a lot of talk on social media about the transfer that took place in one piece. theory produced.

The first scenario that comes to mind among social media users is that Buterin, who is known to take long-term positions from time to time in the crypto money market, is looking for a new position. financed by was the thought. One of the founder’s last known acts In the Rai Reflexer Index (RAI) received short directional position.

Another popular claim among users is that the founder has an effective influence in the cryptocurrency market. correction expected and within this plan to incremental sales it’s started. However US Federal Reserve (FED) The idea that interest rate hikes will take a moderate tone in the near future has been expressed by investors. heavy This claim was not as popular as the other because it was published.

on the other hand Vitalic Buterinewhich was sent by projects to a wallet that belongs to him last week. 3 tokens for sales had accomplished. The founder’s recent crypto sales have been on the agenda a lot, and these sales still continue to be a matter of curiosity.

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