Emily Ratajkowski: I Was Abused By Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke’s song Blurred Lines, released in 2013, caused great controversy due to its sexist and misogynistic messages. The song in question, which was played even in schools abroad, is now on the agenda with the words of the famous model Emily Ratajkowski.

In the 2000s, the internet began to spread to homes and in the 2010s With the rapid development of computers, people started to discover new new sites, entertainment ways and social media platforms. YouTube had been one of them.

In fact, most of the local and foreign artists we know today, when you look back, hundreds of millions or even some of them. billions You can see the songs listened to. But unfortunately, not every song made us have a fun time. entertainment industry borders Since it was newly determined, there was also a lot of content that crossed the line. Blurred Lines had been one of them.

She was sexually assaulted by Robert Thicke:

When you look at the lyrics of the very popular song Blurred Lines, released in 2013 and engraved in the ears sexist You can see the statements. Although this song was popular with its lyrics and music video, it was subjected to intense criticism, after which Robin Thicke was once again released. you won’t make a clip like this had explained.

But unfortunately Blurred Lines The clip was once remembered. Currently on YouTube more than 750 million to be watched The song featuring the famous model Emily Rajatkowski wrote “My BodyHe came to the fore again with his book ” (My body). In part of the book, Rajatkowski talked about what happened during the shooting of the Blurred Lines music video.

Blurred Lines

Most of the set crew consists of women and in this context pleasant environment Rajatkowski, who said that he was when you’re alone He said the situation has changed. Rajatkowski described those moments as follows:

He suddenly touched my bare breasts. He smiled smugly and stumbled backwards. When I turn my head towards the set, the director Diane Mortel ‘Are you okay?’ asked.


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Rajatkowski, who stated that he could not react at that moment but felt bad, ended his words in this way.

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