Domestic Technology Company Agrotech Introduced Its First Electric Cars

Agrotech, a local company that purchased 75% of Joyce, which develops electric vehicle technologies, introduced the first electric cars branded Joyce. The prices of the vehicles and their launch dates were also shared.

Local technology company Agrotech recently announced that it would acquire 75% of Joyce, another company developing electric vehicle technologies. With a launch held today, the first electric vehicles to be offered within the scope of this merger were officially announced.

Joyce branded domestic vehicles were featured at the launch. The prices and release dates of the two models were also shared at the event. Agrotech went public in late 2023.

The vehicles will be available on October 29.

The first vehicle shown by Agrotech was the car in the A00 segment. It was stated that this vehicle will appear as a tiny car with dimensions of 1500 mm and 1530 meters. The wheelbase was announced as 2360 mm. The range of the vehicle with a battery capacity of 15 kWh is 140 kilometers.

The price of the car, which is introduced as the “Fully Electric Vehicle Developed in the A00 Segment” and which we can describe as a minicar, is 699 thousand TL It was announced as. The vehicle will be available for sale on October 29, 2024.

In addition, Agrotech also demonstrated a commercial vehicle. Likewise, it will be available on October 29. This model has a range of 302 kilometers. It is also reported that the vehicle is 4860 mm long, 1750 mm wide and 1990 mm high. The price of the first electric commercial vehicle branded Joyce was announced as 1 million 199 thousand TL.

Apart from these, Agrotech will also appear with different types of vehicles. It was reported that production will initially be in China and will later be moved to Turkey. On the other hand, it was also reported that the factory with an annual capacity of 200 thousand units will be established in Tekirdağ. That’s all the information for now. We will share with you when more details about the vehicles become available.

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