Did the US Moon mission explode? Odysseus Spacecraft crashed on the Moon’s surface

The USA’s Odysseus spacecraft, which went to the Moon after 50 years, is on its side and will soon reach the point of running out of energy. It is currently continuing to send images and data from the Moon. But what happens when his energy runs out? Here is the answer…

Odysseus Spacecraft flipped on its side during landing

It was reported that Odysseus, owned by the Houston-based Intuitive Machines company, tipped on its side while landing on the Moon surface. Odysseus is expected to remain operational on the Moon for a while longer.

Odysseus intuitive machines spacecraft

However, communication and power generation become difficult because the panels and antennas are not positioned as expected. Controllers will continue to collect data until we say goodbye to sunlight.

USA landed on the Moon with Odysseus for the first time in 50 yearsUSA landed on the Moon with Odysseus for the first time in 50 years

USA landed on the Moon with Odysseus for the first time in 50 years

The Odysseus spacecraft, produced by Intuitive Machines, enabled the USA to successfully land on the Moon surface after 50 years.

When Odysseus landed on the Moon, it was announced that the landing was successful due to limited information received. But it turns out that the actual landing almost didn’t happen.

Routing mechanisms did not work

At a press conference on Friday, it was revealed that safety switches for the lander’s two range finder lasers had been activated. This means that the vehicle’s steering mechanisms did not work during landing.

Odysseus intuitive machines spacecraftOdysseus intuitive machines spacecraft

Intuitive Machines CEO Steve Altemus also confirmed that the only face-down cargo was a sculpture of 125 miniature moons designed by artist Jeff Koons.

The camera that was to be launched and broadcast live before landing could not be launched either.

Problems with Odysseus’ navigation system also prevented the deployment of a camera called EagleCam, which was supposed to be launched during landing. Developing the camera Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University The team stated that Intuitive Machines may launch the camera later.

Odysseus spacecraft earthOdysseus spacecraft earth

The purpose of this experimental camera was to be launched before the spacecraft landed and to record the landing of the spacecraft. This camera, which would have been a first in the world if it worked, did not fulfill its duty.

It’s a shame that the spacecraft had an unsuccessful landing. It is expected that Odysseus will be abandoned to his fate on the Moon when his energy runs out. When its energy runs out, communication will be completely cut off and research activities will end.

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