Cybertruck will come with Hardware 4 technology

Tesla started a new era in autonomous driving technologies with the hardware and software it developed. Elon Musk made some statements about the technology called Hardware 4 and Tesla Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck will be introduced with Hardware 4 hardware

Full Self Driving software runs on what Tesla calls Hardware 3 today. The 4th version, which started to be developed last year, will be released with Cybertruck.

An investor asked Elon Musk if vehicles could be upgraded to Hardware 4. Making a statement on the subject, Musk said, “Hardware update is unfortunately not an issue on our agenda. There are two main reasons for this not to happen. The first reason is that there is no difference between Hardware 3 and Hardware 4 that requires an upgrade in terms of autonomous driving performance. Second, the cost of upgrading equipment for vehicle owners is substantial.” made statements.

Special series production from Togg!  It will be limited to 2023 pieces

Special series production from Togg! It will be limited to 2023 pieces

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Hardware 3 technology shows 200 to 300 percent better driving performance than drivers with Full Self Driving software. Musk claimed that this rate will be between 500 and 600 percent thanks to the Hardware 4 hardware.

Cybertruck, which is claimed to be released in 2021, has been delayed for about 3 years. Answering questions about Cybertruck at the 2022 fourth quarter financial meeting, Elon Musk said, “You will take a step for production this summer. But mass production of the new model will not begin until next year. The start of production is an unimportant detail for us.” made statements.

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