Cryptocurrency Regulations May Tighten According To SEC’s Former Lawyer

Howard Fischer, a former lawyer team of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), thinks that regulations in the cryptocurrency sector will tighten.

Fischer during an interview with CoinDesk Celsius Network’s decision a few days ago evaluated.

Celsius, one of the industry’s leading lending platforms, “extraordinary circumstances” It has decided to temporarily suspend withdrawals.

According to Fischer’s comments, the SEC has decided that after the Celsius incident, the cryptocurrency sector market integrity, investor security and transparency will work harder to secure it.

Celsius’s decision, according to the former SEC official, “affecting a single company” not at first “Crypto lending/bending transactions” crypto industry, including affecting all It will be a decision.

Commenting on the impact of this on cryptocurrency regulations, Fischer said that a “back to normal” He said he was waiting and added:

“Institutions dealing with cryptocurrencies will be regulated in the same way as standard financial institutions are regulated.”

The Celsius team made a statement earlier this week that it had stopped withdrawals. “will continue to cooperate with regulators” had stated.

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