Cryptocurrency Job Posting from Traditional Finance Giant Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley, one of the giant companies in its sector, is looking for a product development manager on crypto assets, according to its job posting.

Morgan Stanley 1 August In the job posting published on the internet on head of product development based on crypto assets announced that he was calling. The company calculates the total market value of the new personnel to be hired. 900 billion He stated that he will be included in the financial product development team, which supports many different funds with more than $ USD in investment solutions.

Morgan Stanley, in its announcement, included the job description, investment products on cryptocurrencies in various criteria. developproducts marketing manage the process, sales and management dealing with, establishing external links business development and efficiency stated to increase.

Bitwise CEO Hunter Horsley to The Block on the subject, that this job posting by Morgan Stanley in the industry a sign that you will make serious breakthroughs He stated that he thought it was, but still people of this news not too enthusiastic He also warned investors about the need. Horsley, to work on this type of product to hire someone always these products doesn’t mean it will come out expressed.

Personnel sought in the advertisement qualities it was stated as follows:

Candidates who are university graduates, have good knowledge of Excel and Power Point, have business discipline, are prone to teamwork and have Series 7, 63 and 66 languages.

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