Couldn’t Einstein Do Simple Mathematical Operations?

You must have heard somewhere that Albert Einstein, who is known to have made many contributions to the world of science, did not get good grades in mathematics classes during his school years. So what’s the point?

Einstein from an early age have a genius-level IQ In fact, it was not difficult to predict the studies he would do on science and humanity in his later years.

World-renowned theoretical physicist a time travel to your life Let’s do this and take a closer look at how his success in mathematics has progressed during his school years.

Einstein was a child who started speaking quite early for his peers.

This scientist’s childhood had been the scene of so much hardship and unorthodox behavior that his family thought that Einstein was in the first place. from learning difficulties thought he was suffering.

Albert Einstein, who started school at the age of 6.5, was not a favorite student of his teachers in the first place and hated rote learning at his school. For this reason, he transferred to a school called Luitpold Gymnasium at the age of 9. 11 year old physics books At the age of 13, after reading the “Critique of Pure Reason”, he decided that his favorite author was Kant.

Einstein, who was a successful student in general, was quite successful in physics and mathematics courses, contrary to what is known.

Einstein's report card

Einstein’s high school report shows this success quite clearly. Considering that 6 is the highest score and 1 is the lowest score in the scorecard; French with the lowest grade 3 possible to see it.

In addition, his grades in mathematics and geometry classes are 6, which is an unfounded claim that Einstein was a bad student in mathematics. Even when this scientist was still in elementary school, self-learning advanced math He was successful and well ahead of his peers and school curriculum.

Another detail about Albert Einstein’s education life is that he was not accepted to the university in his first attempt and had to take the exam a second time.

Albert Einstein

It’s true that Einstein didn’t make it to university in the first exam he took, but it wasn’t because of his failure in mathematics, but because of his lack of French. Because Fluent in French in order to be admitted to this school had to.

He also passed the math and science courses easily on this exam, but exhibited a general failure in zoology, literature, botany, politics, and French. Einstein, in the continuation of his education life, leave math and go to physics had passed.

The reason this Believing that you know everything about mathematicsand therefore the thought that this chapter would not add anything to it.

Did this genius find a job as soon as he graduated?

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein, known to have a perfectionist personality structure, was born in 1900. about 2 years in universities after graduation He looked for a job but could not find it. Eventually, on the advice of a family friend, he started earning his money by working a desk job at the Swiss patent office.

When he is 26 years old 4 articles about the workings of the universe that will make a sound almost all over the world he wrote. He carried out many studies in the field of physics, including the quantum theory of light and the theory of relativity, and succeeded in making his name known to the whole world.


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