Colombian Judge Announces Help From ChatGPT

In Colombia, judge Juan Manuel Padilla announced that he received assistance from ChatGPT to decide a case.

OpenAI’s AI-powered chatbot ChatGPTToday, we came across with another news that is on the agenda all over the world. A judge in Colombia announced that he received assistance from ChatGPT to decide the case of an autistic child.

The case in question was about whether the autistic child’s insurance would cover his entire treatment. Judge Juan Manuel Padillaruled that the treatment was covered by insurance in the case. The role of ChatGPT in this provision was shared as follows:

It is unknown how much of a role ChatGPT played in the decision:

Speaking to local radio, Padilla spoke directly to the chatbot. “Is an autistic minor exempt from paying for their therapy?” He said that he even asked questions that could end the case directly, such as ChatGPT’s response was as follows:

“Yes that is right. According to regulations in Colombia, minors diagnosed with autism are exempt from paying for their treatment.”

The judge did not share how much of a role ChatGPT’s responses played in her decision.

There is also something you should know about this situation that seems abnormal to the whole world:

Colombia passed a law in 2022 that paves the way for lawyers to take advantage of such technologies to do their jobs more efficiently.

So, what does ChatGPT say about it?

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