Claim: Elon Musk Could Make X (Twitter) Fully Paid

Elon Musk is reconsidering the idea of ​​making X fully paid, according to Bloomberg writer Dave Lee. Musk thinks this system is the only way to solve bots.

Elon Musk has been on the agenda with the changes he made on the platform since the day he bought X (Twitter). Today, a claim made by Bloomberg writer Dave Lee revealed that the billionaire businessman was considering doing something that would demoralize everyone.

According to Lee, Musk created X is considering the idea of ​​making it fully paid. In fact, it was revealed in November 2022 that Musk was considering doing something like this. However, there was no development on this issue afterwards. Today’s information revealed that the famous entrepreneur started to rethink this idea.

Musk thinks the only way to use bots is to switch to a paid system, and plans to ask users for a “small fee”

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