Claim: Advertising Subscription May Come to Prime Video

A report shared by the Wall Street Journal revealed that Amazon is considering an advertising subscription system for Prime Video. According to the report, the system will be similar to the subscriptions Netflix and Disney+ have released in the past months.

Popular cinema and series platforms such as Netflix and Disney+ started to offer advertising systems after increasing subscription prices. These models, which are not yet available in Turkey, were being sold more conveniently than usual because they showed hourly advertisements to users.

Now, a report shared by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has shown that a similar system may come to another popular digital platform Prime Video.

Allegedly, Amazon Prime Video’s advertising subscription will be similar to that of Netflix and Disney+

According to the news that WSJ has based on sources close to the subject, Amazon wants to bring an advertising subscription system for its Prime Video service. Also right now “in its early stages“This system, which has been discussed for weeks and Disney+ and Netflix It is stated that it will be similar to those of competitors such as.

If it comes true, Amazon will join the companies that make such a move. Continuing high inflation and economic problems around the world to spend less while providing a decrease in the number of new subscribers on the platform. For this reason, companies were turning to affordable models such as advertising subscriptions.


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WSJ, apart from that, is Amazon’s Warner Bros. And he says he’s also been in talks with Paramount. The purpose of these meetings is to provide platforms for both companies. Prime Video Channels to introduce an advertising subscription system through the service. This service enables the sale of third-party platforms to users through Amazon Prime. In other words, Prime subscribers can become members of platforms such as Paramount+ and Max from here and do not have to constantly change applications.

That’s all the details about Amazon’s advertising subscription plan for now. There is no official statement from the company either. of Prime Video For 39 TL in Turkey It should be noted that it is offered under a Prime subscription. In the US, with Prime for $14.99 or a separate subscription for $8.99 can be purchased as

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