Cheap but ‘Ad’ Subscription Packages Coming to Netflix

Netflix, the world’s most popular TV series and movie streaming platform, gave the green light for its advertising subscription package, which it has been opposing for years. It is stated that the new advertising package will not be coming in the near future.

Netflix, which has been offering its subscribers the opportunity to watch TV series and movies without ads for years, finally decided to add ads to its platform, as many people expected. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, in a statement at the company’s last financial meeting, is now Netflix. that they are ‘open’ to a low-priced advertising subscription package announced.

Hastings, who has been against the ads for a long time, said in his new statement that it “logical” to offer a cheaper package to his customers. Reminding that he has been against advertising for a long time, the CEO also is in favor of consumer choice. and stated that it is appropriate for consumers to get what they want.

New packs won’t be coming anytime soon

Hastings further stated that these advertised and more affordable subscription packages will not arrive in the next year or two. While no explanation was made about the possible price of the package with ads, Hastings said that Hulu, Disney and HBO also made or will make this application and said, “I don’t think we have too many doubts that it works.” he said.

How much will Netflix with ads cost?

If we want to give an estimated price for Netflix’s advertising subscription package, it would be best to look at its competitors. Currently, this application is adopted by Hulu, while international prices are $ 12.99 without ads, while the package with ads can be purchased for $ 6.99 per month. If we discard the 480p quality package of Netflix and consider the 1080p quality package, this package currently has a price tag of $ 15.99 abroad. With a simple logic, the new package with 1080p quality and advertisements to be close to the $ 7.99 levels we can wait.

Netflix, if the package in question is in Turkey It is offered to users for 57.99 TL. Same package as advertised 25-30 TL We can guess that it will be presented in the band. Of course, for this, we must first wish that Netflix does not raise prices in Turkey until the advertising packages are released.

Netflix has been around for more than 10 years in the past day. It is the first time that it has lost subscribers in a quarter. had explained. While the company focused on releasing more content and increased its spending to gain more subscribers, it also raised subscription prices around the world. It is thought that the price increases in question caused more than 600 thousand subscriber losses in the USA and Canada alone.


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