Can an Electric Vehicle Be Charged if It is Towed by Another Vehicle?

You can fully charge the battery of a Tesla Model 3 by towing it for 75 km. “How is such a thing possible?” If you say so, continue reading.

When gasoline cars run out of fuel on the road A few methods that can be done we all know. A tow truck can be called by phone, you can walk to the nearest gas station and buy gasoline from a can, or you can ask other drivers in the area for help to get fuel.

So, what can be done if the same situation occurs in electric cars, that is, if the car runs out of battery? Moreover, charging stations are not yet widespread. Actually there is a solution, Recharge by pulling!

Electric vehicle owners do not need to worry about getting stranded on the road.

People whose electric cars run out of battery may fear being stranded on the road, but there is a very easy solution. By having another car tow their car to recharge.

This was tried with a Tesla on the Engineering Explained channel. The Ford Raptor pulled the Tesla along a track at 30 km per hour. Tesla charged a little more with each kilometer, and according to the results of the experiment, a Model 3 Tesla tow for 75 km to fully charge sufficient!

So how is this possible?

The movement of Tesla’s wheels causes an armature inside the electric motor to rotate, creating a current. Later electric motor acts as a generator It activates the regenerative braking system and provides power to the dead battery. Although this method was tried on Tesla, it is actually an effective method for many hybrid and fully electric models.


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One should be careful before attempting such a thing.

Calling a tow truck is better than towing the dead battery and charging it. A much safer method. Those who do this usually try it to shoot a test video for YouTube.

Even if you are going to try it, it is useful to consider; The car does not regenerate electricity regardless of whether it is pulled straight or rolled down a hill. So its battery must contain enough electrons and the gear must into driving mode should be taken.

In addition, since electric vehicles are heavy, the vehicle that pulls them must be very powerful because the electric vehicle is as if the parking brake was on can feel. We’re not even getting into the fact that you need to stay a safe distance.

In short, yes, electric vehicles can be charged by towing, but this should be the last option.

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