Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons remake is coming!

Making an exciting announcement for game enthusiasts, 505 Games announced that the remake of the critically acclaimed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will be released soon. Developed by Avantgarden, formerly known as Ovosonico, the remake has undergone an extensive remaster using Unreal Engine 5 and promises a visually stunning and immersive experience for players.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons remake will be available on all platforms on February 28, 2024

The game, whose release date is planned as February 28, 2024, will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Windows platforms, and the PC version will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was the first video game project of renowned director Josef Fares, who later found success with games such as 2018’s A Way Out and 2021’s It Takes Two. All three games share a common theme of cooperative multiplayer gameplay, although each has a different narrative. The original game was developed by Starbreeze AB, known for the Payday series, and its intellectual property rights were later acquired by 505 Games.

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Avantgarden, the studio behind the remake, is known for its work on Last Day of June, which was acclaimed for its dramatic narrative and innovative gameplay. The remake of Brothers is expected to leverage the technological advances of Unreal Engine 5 to deliver a more immersive storytelling experience while maintaining the essence of the original.

One notable aspect of the remake is its control system. Originally released for Xbox 360, Windows and PlayStation 3 in 2013, the game featured a unique control scheme where two players could control both siblings using a single controller.

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Later releases on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch introduced an option that allowed each sibling to be controlled independently with separate controllers. This distinctive control method will be retained in the upcoming remake.

Although Josef Fares is not directly involved in the remake, he expressed his excitement for the project, saying: “It’s a privilege to see new life coming to Brothers. “Avantgarden has done a great job bringing this story back for a new generation to experience.”

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