British Giant Tottenham Signed an Agreement with Chiliz: Fan Token Pre-Sale and Airdrop is Coming!

Tottenham, one of the English Premier League teams, signed an agreement with Chiliz (CHZ) to launch a fan token.

To the fan token ecosystem one of the biggest clubs in the world Another one gets involved. Tottenham Hotspur on September 28 In the article published on the official website, chiliz announced that it will issue fan tokens with the collaboration. According to the statement, the fan token will be released with the abbreviation SPURS. $2 each on October 4th will be on sale.

Tottenham with this move Socios, the fan token platform owned by Chiliz, made an agreement other 80 sports teams will attend. The fan token sale in question “” will be carried out via.

The statement also SPURS fan token Tottenham’s membership program become an added advantage It was stated that he brought To club members And combined ticket to the owners 5 fan tokens as airdrop While it was announced that the prizes would be given away, it was emphasized that they would be received when they go on sale on October 4.

Fan token holders polls, end of match predictions And competitions They will be able to earn points and rewards by participating in events such as.

In the statement made by Tottenam, the following statements were made:

We are pleased to be able to offer new club-related rewards and experiences to our supporters around the world. This collaboration is an example of the club’s efforts to invest in football activities and create new sources of income.

On the other hand, in the announcement made by Socios, a total of 500 thousand SPURS tokens It was stated that it would take place.

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