Bizarre Trends That Used to Be Symbols of Beauty and Wealth

There have been many fashion trends that we have seen and marveled at. For example, Lady Gaga’s dress made from real animal flesh or Miley Cyrus performing in a diaper. These may not have continued as a fashion trend, but they took their place among interesting precedents. There are many strange trends in this style that we can exemplify from the past.

Fashion history is full of trends that come and go over time. We don’t need to go very far; nowadays, aged people, young people ripped pants He even looks at them in amazement. Who knows, maybe it will be very strange to others in the future due to the ephemerality of fashion.

The trends that we will enumerate shortly, on the other hand, contain features that were not strange in their times but that we will be amazed when we look back now. Do you mean black teeth? from live animals accessories made of paper, dresses made of paper…

Chopine shoes; It was originally worn by women in Venice to help them avoid getting their skirts dirty by stepping in the mud, but they soon became a status symbol.

The higher the shoes, the higher the social class. Moreover, they have not been worn for a short time. They were preferred by women throughout the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. Themselves stretching by about 50 cm when they put on these shoes, they might need another person to help them walk.

Crinoline skirts were a trend popular with the wealthy in the 19th century.


In Victorian times, the larger the skirt, the richer the wearer. Women were obsessed with the appearance of a thin waist and to achieve this image, make your waist look bigger they were working.

Of course, skirts that big posed a danger. According to the estimation of medical experts, approximately 630 women per year, was dying of crinoline fires.

Arsenic dye; it was used for dresses, shoes, gloves and even artificial flowers and wreaths.


People who come into contact with paint, wherever the fabric comes into contact with their skin terrible burns and wounds they were exposed, their hair could fall out, and they could die from the poison. Yet they continued to wear clothes dyed with arsenic.

Black teeth were surprisingly a symbol of nobility.

black tooth

In Japan, the practice of painting one’s teeth black became popular in the early 8th century and accepting black objects as beautiful continued for a long time.

Since hygiene was not necessarily a sign of wealth in ancient times, the color white was always used in society. beauty standard it wasn’t. Whether painted or rotten; blackened teeth showed nobility and were considered beautiful.

Living lizards and chameleons that change color according to the wearer’s clothing were once marketed to women.


Lively jewelry that emerged in the 1890s began with the prevalence of pet ownership in America. them small in chains They put it on their collars, clothes and hair.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has taken action on this issue and has promised that no more lizards will be sold in New York. a city-wide decree took it out.

Probably; in the future, people who look at the past fashion trends will also use animal fur or leather, which is currently used, materials from exploitation They will think the same about you and be shocked.

Long skirts with narrow cuts caused many deaths as they prevented escape in an emergency.

skirt models

In one of the cases caused by these skirts, which caused various accidents; A woman fell into a canal and died while trying to escape from a horse on the racetrack because of her skirt. Weird skirts, during the First World War, dysfunctional fashion trends It lost its popularity when it was deemed inappropriate to promote it.

Decades ago, it was thought that the bigger and more interesting your hat, the more wealthy you were.


In history, there are many interesting types of hats that do not look for cartoon characters. While we can still see the weird hats worn in public in the modern era, these are usually the hats. fedora or cap it doesn’t get too far.

Although paper dresses originated as a marketing advertisement for a paper company, they quickly became a trend in the 1960s, not too far away.


Generally; Paper dresses printed with bright, geometric patterns were not very useful and sustainable. They were made of paper, after all. Mostly, once worn was thrown away. If there was a symbol of the concept called “fast fashion”, it would be the place.

Extremely long-sleeved clothing was another symbol of wealth in the 12th century.

interesting fashion

The wealthy people in Europe decided to develop such a style so as not to be confused with “peasant pursuits”. The sleeves of these clothes sometimes to places he could reach out!

Crakow shoes caused disfigurement of the feet of the men who wore them.


Crakow shoes were shoes that were much longer than the foot and had a pointed toe. For someone who only has money, their shoes It was thought to take this long. and therefore, between the 12th and 15th century, it became popular among wealthy men


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