Bitcoin Price Will Teleport To These Levels!

History has shown that every fiat currency loses almost all of its value over time. Roy Niederhoffer, chairman and founder of RG Niederhoffer Capital Management, thinks that the US dollar will likely suffer a similar fate, but that Bitcoin (BTC) will not fill that share in the medium term. We convey the predictions of the famous manager.

Roy Niederhoffer: Bitcoin LN with Ready to be superior to Visa

A fiat currency depreciation tool is a financial asset with a fixed supply that is also “tradeable anywhere in the world”. For example, Bitcoin is a better tool than cash in this respect, and also gold as a store of value, according to Niederhoffer. Niederhoffer, who bought Bitcoin in 2011, also talks about the future of Bitcoin with the Lightning Network integration:

With the Lightning Network, [işlem maliyetleri] It’s literally cheap, with a processing capacity of one million transactions per second for Bitcoin. So, as a financial transaction tool, this is far superior to the Visa network, which everyone accepts as a standard, far superior to cash.

Niederhoffer noted that if storage fees for gold are taken into account, Bitcoin is cheaper to hold compared to gold, and more importantly, Bitcoin has a maximum supply limit. Niederhoffer’s thesis is that Bitcoin is the ultimate inflation hedge, and while interest rates may rise this year, a marginal increase of 1% or even 2% in rates is not enough to lower consumer prices and change investment behavior. As for Bitcoin price prediction, Management’s founder doesn’t think Bitcoin can topple the dollar in the medium term:

The reason Bitcoin fails to reach stratospheric levels is due to some criticism: environmental criticism, volatile prices, regulatory potential, taxation, all reasons. That’s why Bitcoin is cheap at $100,000 or even $1 million.

  • Niederhoffer says that although Bitcoin has the potential to reach millions of dollars and equal the market value of all fiat currency like the US dollar, this scenario is highly unlikely in the medium term.

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