Bitcoin Prediction from a Famous Supporter: 220 Thousand Dollars is on the Table!

Max Keizer, the popular name of the cryptocurrency market, said that 220 thousand dollars is on the table with the rise in Bitcoin.

Max Keiser once again made a remarkable statement about Bitcoin. with explanation It came up. Keiser, Bitcoin’s new all-time -most high level While implying that he took action for (ATH) 220 thousand dollars He emphasized that it was on the table.

In his previous posts, he often 220 thousand dollars Kesier, who set the level as a target, said that the USA will 1.5 trillion will be borrowed He signaled it to happen.

Bitcoin has been in a 4-day period since the beginning of this month 12% value by winning $42,200 reached its levels. As it approaches the ATH level, analysts are predicting a new peak for Bitcoin. to give goals started.

Many analysts believe that Bitcoin has developed over the years. to millions of dollars predicts it will reach. With the recent rise Bitcoin declaring legal tender El Salvador‘s investments also turned a profit.

According to CoinGecko data, Bitcoin, at the time of writing from $41,840 is being traded.

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