Binance CEO Shares Bitcoin Chart, Comments on FUD: Always!

Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO of the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance, pointed out the price movements of Bitcoin (BTC) in the last 3 months and said that FUD is always temporary.

Binance CEO CZ said on social media in sharingquoting a past tweet Bitcoin chart shared and FUDs Commented on. CZ in the post, from about 1 month ago “FUD is temporary. real end” by quoting the tweet that said Bitcoin 22 thousand dollarsfrom 15-16 thousand dollars to range downfall and then in this area accumulate whether Rising to $23,000 included a graphic showing

In the chart, Bitcoin’s price action in the last 3-month period and the ensuing on the rise pointing CZ, FUDas a result of temporary said that.

last 3 months. In summary: FUD is temporary.

A social media user underlined that if the FUDs are not taken care of, it is temporary, telling the CEO not to even post about it. He recommended. CZ reply As a matter of fact, he mentioned that this is impossible and explained why:

Unfortunately, people cannot be taught to ignore FUD without mentioning it.

On the other hand, another user approached the subject with an interesting suggestion. The user gives CZ a FUD wallet to create and Every time he uses the word FUD, he sends 1 BNB to the wallet. he offered. CEO against the proposal, in the current situation the wallet To a 1,000 BNB balance in less than 100 days will reach and said that the process would be quite troublesome. to hit the wave preferred.

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