Bill Gates announced that he is using the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

co-founder of Microsoft Which phone does Bill Gates use? appeared. During the Q&A event on Reddit, he said that Microsoft did not prefer its own foldable phone. Gates, Microsoft Surface Duo in its place Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 uses.

Bill Gates: I prefer Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Answering the questions asked from the social media platform, the Microsoft founder said that he preferred Android. Expressing that he is an Android user in his previous statements, Bill Gates said, Microsoft’s foldable phone Surface Duo It aroused curiosity by not choosing it.

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The philanthropist billionaire, who says he is a “permanent” Android user, announced that he has chosen Samsung’s latest foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Expressing that he tried different models, Gates said that a screen of this size fulfills the task of both a portable computer and a phone.

However, the interesting part of the statement on Reddit is Why Microsoft founder invented Surface Duo did not use about. The foldable phone, which includes two screens on a single hinge, can actually perform similar tasks with the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Let’s also remind you that it is offered with Android.

“I have an Android Galaxy Z Fold 3. I try different ones. I can handle a great laptop and phone with this screen and nothing else.”

Microsoft founder actually why you choose Androd we knew before. In a room he attended at the Clubhouse in 2021, he stated that some Android manufacturers pre-install Microsoft software.

Moreover More flexibility of Android than iOS Gates stated that he chose Android to “follow everything”.

It should not be overlooked that there is a close cooperation between Samsung and Microsoft. Various Galaxy models of the Korean manufacturer have a very successful integration with Windows. That’s probably why Gates prefers a Samsung phone.

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