Bill Gates announced how much cryptocurrency investment he has!

Bill Gates tagged Reddit on his Twitter account yesterday and stated that they did not have a question and answer for a long time. Reddit’s official Twitter account also responded to the famous entrepreneur, and the duo held an Ask Me Anything event today. The famous businessman who answered the questions shared his interview on his Twitter account via the website called gatesnotes. So, what did the famous entrepreneur Bill Gates say about cryptocurrency investment in his interview? Let’s take a look at the news together.

Bill Gates announced that he does not have crypto money investment!

In addition to COVID-19 and the climate crisis, Reddit asked the Microsoft founder an additional question about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Bill Gates, declaring that he does not own any Bitcoin or crypto money, also made the following statement on the subject:

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“I don’t have any of them. I like to invest in things that have valuable outputs. The value of companies depends on how they produce great products. The value of crypto is what another person decides someone else will pay for so as not to contribute to society like other investments.”

The investor, who thinks that company values ​​are more important, had previously made a statement on this subject. The businessman expressed in an interview he made in the past months that he was worried about the rapid withdrawal of people into the crypto world. He also explained that cryptocurrencies harm the environment. Bill Gates, who has now explained his thoughts on cryptocurrencies, has made quite a splash on social media.

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