Big News from Alchemy Pay: Received a License from the USA, Altcoin Price Skyrocketed!

Cryptocurrency payment provider Alchemy Pay (ACH) has managed to obtain a large and important payment license in the USA.

A social media post shared by Alchemy Pay on September 21 in the postthe company is registered with the U.S. Arkansas Securities Department. “Money Transfer License” It was declared that he received it.

Alchemy also said in its post that they will allocate more resources and efforts to this area.

Thanks to this license, the company from cryptocurrency to fiat currency will be able to officially provide a transfer service. In a statement made to Cointelegraph by an Alchemy Pay spokesperson, the license in question was on September 13 It was stated that this was the first Money Transmission License in the USA. The company spokesman said that thanks to this license, business models in the USA will become more popular. productive And advantageous He stated that he would reach a certain point.

Alchemy Pay’s ecosystem leader, Robert McCracke, stated that they aim to expand the company’s presence and have made a lot of effort to obtain licenses in various countries and regions regarding compliance.

Alchemy Pay with this license coinbase, block, MoonPay, bitFlyer It has joined many companies such as. The company, which recently obtained a similar license from countries such as Indonesia and Lithuania, has strengthened its global presence in the USA.

Will it affect the price?

It started to be talked about on social media that the license in question was a big news. Bitcoin’s withdrawal is cited as the reason why ACH did not immediately react to the news. ACH in the future and Bigger rises in the bull market It is thought that he can survive.

Alchemy’s native token, which rose due to the announcement, according to CoinGecko data ACHin a short time %12 increasing $0.0145 from level to $0.0162 reached. ACH during writing from $0.0157 finds buyers.

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