Betting Fraudsters on Instagram Detained

16 suspects, who are thought to have committed frauds promising high profits by placing legal bets in low amounts on Instagram, were detained in an operation carried out by the police.

When we go to Instagram and look at stories, we can sometimes see unexpected posts. People we know and know, who have never even filled out a betting slip in their lives, suddenly start calling for profits by betting. Later, we learn that these accounts were stolen. Similarly, the police took action upon the complaint of citizens who had their accounts stolen, and 23 suspects were arrested. He detained 16 of them.

207 million TL worth of transactions were made

Ankara West Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation upon the notice of the victims who complained that their accounts on the social media platform Instagram were hijacked. Police forces took action upon the instructions of the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office and killed 14 people. who took over the account and identified 23 suspects who committed fraud by promising high profits by placing low amounts of bets through these accounts.

It was stated that the suspects defrauded many citizens and transferred the money they earned to official betting sites through accounts opened in the name of others. Teams examining the bank movements of the suspects, 207 million lira revealed that the transaction was made. 16 of the 23 suspects were detained on charges of establishing an organization to commit a crime, fraud by using information systems within the framework of the organization’s activities, and laundering property values ​​resulting from crime. It was learned that efforts are continuing to capture the other 7 suspects.

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