Beta Version of iOS 17.5 Released: Here’s What’s New!

The beta version of iOS 17.5, the last iOS 17 version to be released before the introduction of iOS 18, has been released. The new version will bring some innovations to iPhone users, including the ability to download applications directly from sites in Europe.

Apple regularly brought updates to iOS 17, the operating system version that it introduced in June 2023 and made available last fall. Finally, at the beginning of March, the iOS 17.4 update, which is of particular concern to European Union users, was made available.

Now is of iOS 17.5 The beta version is out for developers. In fact, almost all features of iOS 17 were available with previous updates. Although the new version does not contain major innovations, it will bring some minor features to iPhone users. Let’s take a look at these together.

Highlights in iOS 17.5

Downloading applications directly from the website in Europe

iOS 17.5 is the European Union’s “Digital Services Act” will provide an important opportunity to users on the continent. This feature, called “Web Distribution”, which was first announced last year, allows downloading applications from websites. So a European user, will be able to download the application directly from a developer’s own site.

Of course, these developers will also have to meet some conditions. These include being a member of Apple’s developer program, the app having one million downloads in the EU, and transparency around data collection. We can say that these are important for security. Download from the site It will be exclusive to Europe only Let’s underline it again.


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Some design changes across iOS

iOS 17.5 also includes some minor design changes throughout the operating system. For example “BooksThe target icon at the top of the ” application has been redesigned.

On the other hand, there is also a change in Settings. In the “Privacy and Security” section, browsers include biometric identification systems such as Face ID. access with passkeys A section that will provide this will be added.

Finally podcast widget is also being renewed. With iOS 17.5, we will see colors changing depending on the podcast you listen to.

New unwanted tracking system

Tracking devices such as Airtag could cause some undesirable results. The new feature to be added to the “Find” application will prevent such situations. Users will be able to view and track tracking even if they are not Apple certified. out of order will be able to quit.

It is not clear when iOS 17.5 will arrive, but we can say that it is soon. Let us also add that the new version will be the last iOS 17 update released before iOS 18, which is expected to be introduced in June.


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