Be careful before buying: Production defects in iPhone models!

For all ShiftDelete.Net readers and the iOS lovers association, Orhan Gencebay’s song “There is no servant without fault” is coming before we start our news. Even today, while iPhone 6 and 6S models are still finding second-hand buyers, we have compiled for you all the iPhone production defects that you should pay attention to before buying. In this news, we will include 4 major production errors from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 14 series. Here are the details…

Apple also makes mistakes: Production errors in iPhones!

Apple’s most recent iPhone malfunction occurred last year, as many iPhone 14 Pro models suffered from a strange camera shake and clicking noise. It turns out that the Pro series’ camera stabilization goes absolutely crazy when using third-party apps, shaking to the point of causing a clicking sound. Fortunately, this was not a hardware issue as the iOS update fixed the issue. But this showed us that Apple skipped some points during the testing stages.

Our old readers will remember the second big mistake. The iPhone 4 series, introduced in 2010, had an “antenna” error. You had a phone that could have been considered quite stylish 13 years ago. The antennas of the device were hidden on the sides and it was impossible for you to notice them. However, there is another peak here. Even though you didn’t notice the antennas, you were blocking the antennas when you picked up the phone. This meant that the device experienced inadequacies in issues such as “network”.

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The third big mistake is Apple repeating for the second time. With the iPhone 6 introduced in 2014, users encountered a brand new Plus model. However, this phone had a serious problem. It was very weak against bending. Today, we see the same problem in the iPhone 15 series. Whether there could be a valid reason not to buy it is debatable, but it is necessary to point out that it is a serious flaw.

The fourth biggest mistake is actually related to post-production rather than production. As you know, claims such as “Apple is slowing down phones” have emerged in recent years. We can say that this was actually like trying to ensure that the old versions lose their features with the release of new iOS versions. It is not exactly a production, but there are experts who consider the update of the operating system as a production.

So what do you think was Apple’s biggest production mistake? Don’t forget to express your opinions in the comments section…

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