Bayraktar TB3 successfully completed the running test

A new member joins the Bayraktar unmanned aerial vehicles developed by Baykar Defense. The UCAV, which will be released under the name Bayraktar TB3, will be able to take off from the short runway on the TCG Anatolian amphibious assault ship, which will be put into service in the coming period. Moreover, although the USA is also working in this field, it will be the first in the world with this feature. Today he completed his first running test.

Bayraktar TB3 completed its first running test!

TCG Anadolu amphibious assault ship was launched last year. The final testing process started in the first quarter of this year. Then, acceptance tests were completed and taken into inventory. It was even opened to visitors, with Bayraktar TB3 and Kızılelma prototypes positioned on the coast of Istanbul. Currently, he is fulfilling his assigned duties.

It was planned to use F-35 on this ship. However, due to the US embargo, F-35 sales were shelved indefinitely. So Türkiye is no longer in the project. Moreover, let alone F-35, not even F-16 is sold. For this reason, Turkey decided to turn TCG Anadolu into a UAV and helicopter carrier.

TCG Anadolu ship set out for its first mission!

TCG Anadolu ship set out for its first mission!

In the post made by the Ministry of National Defense yesterday, “TCG Anatolian Ship set out for its first mission!” The phrase was included. Here are the details about the subject…

Bayraktar TB3, whose development process was shaped in response to this demand, appears as a version of Bayraktar TB2 with a longer, wider, higher and foldable wing structure. Of course, it is possible to see a second fixed-wing version in the future.

Another important innovation brought by Bayraktar TB3 is that it can carry almost twice as much load as Bayraktar TB2, while maintaining its price-performance efficiency. Of course, this also affects the design. But it’s not just ammunition. It will allow pods to be installed according to different tasks.

Baykar is in the race with the USA!

Let us note that Baykar is not alone in this field. General Atomics, which developed the MQ-9 Reaper, one of the most famous UAVs of the USA, is also working on a model of the MQ-9 that can take off from ships with folding wings and short or long runways, as in the TB2-TB3 example. This vehicle will also be named MQ-9B STOL.

Although Baykar introduced the first SİHA produced specifically for folding-wing aircraft carriers (ships with runways, including amphibious), General Atomics wants to make history by making the first one to fly and enter the inventory. However, Baykar CTO Selçuk Bayraktar said that they will be the first in the world in every field. As a matter of fact, he successfully completed his first running test.

Bayraktar TB2 vs TB3 UAV features

Features Bayraktar TB2 Bayraktar TB3
wingspan 12 meters 14 meters
Length 6.5 meters 8.35 meters
Height 2.2 meters 2.6 meters
Cruise-Top speed 70 knots – 120 knots 125 knots-160 knots
Payload capacity 150kg 280 kilograms
Number of weapon stations 4 6
Communication-Control range: <300km
Highest takeoff weight 700kg 1450kg
Residence time in air 27+ hours 24+ hours
Takeoff and landing Automatic Automatic
thrust type 105 HP-Rotax 912
170 HP – TEI PD-170
170 HP- TEI-PD170
225 HP- TEI-PD222ST (claim)
Other -Real-time image transfer system (BGAM)
-3 redundant avionics and sensors
-GNSS satellite navigation system
-Folding wing structure
-Line of sight and beyond line of sight communication
-Takeoff and landing from short runway aircraft carriers

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