Bankers Began to Flee the Traditional Finance Sector

A study was conducted showing that winds of change are blowing in the traditional finance sector. The research conducted by the cryptocurrency exchange Bitget offers striking data.

One of the most profitable sectors worldwide financial sector is coming. In this context; It has been proven by research conducted over the years that bankers earn high profits. The latest news is in the financial sector There is a big change taking place it reveals.

One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency platforms bitgetconducted an important research on the sector. This research; It revealed that bankers specialized in their field have begun to transition to the cryptocurrency sector. Moreover, the reasons for this were also examined. In the research conducted, banks serving around the world 90 percent It was underlined that a significant number of them, such as, have switched to blockchain technology or are in the process of researching to switch to blockchain technology. Yes, traditional financial system It is changing quietly.

Blockchain will become a multi-billion dollar industry over the years

such as JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, HSBC, Citi Group and Banco Santander world famous banks The blockchain technology he works on will be remembered much more in the coming years. According to analysts’ estimates, the size of global blockchain technology in the retail banking market is to $40.4 billion will reach. Moreover, blockchain investments of companies operating in the banking sector will reach 22.5 billion dollars in the 2025-2026 period.

All these caused the transition from the banking sector to the cryptocurrency sector. However, this was not the only reason. In 2023 alone, the five largest banks will have a total 20,000 people dismissed. It was emphasized that most of those who lost their jobs went to crypto companies. coinbase alone, it hired 197 employees from Amazon, 97 from Alphabet, 73 from Microsoft, 72 from Meta, 37 from Goldman Sachs and 29 from Morgan Stanley. 21 Goldman employees joined corporate credit card startup Brex, while 18 went to fintech firm SoFi Technologies, run by former Twitter (X) executive Anthony Noto, from January 2020 to April 2022.

Cryptocurrency trading platform Amber Group, previous year Goldman SachsIt hired 250 new employees, including a former executive from , and bankers from Morgan Stanley and Royal Bank of Scotland. Although approximately 2,000 people lost their jobs in the cryptocurrency market in 2022-2023 following the FTX crisis, the sector continues to expand and continues to recruit.

banking and cryptocurrency industry

Bitget to analyze banking personnel entering the cryptocurrency market all resumes sent to them examined. In just 2 years, the annual number of banking-related resumes increased from 880 to 1,440, indicating an increase of 113% in 2022 and 143% in 2023.

In addition, it was stated that the number of job seekers from the banking sector also increased. While there will be one bank employee for every 10 applicants in 2021, by 2023 all CVs will be 30% It was reported that he came from the banking sector. Moreover, interest from individuals outside the cryptocurrency market increased by 180% during the same period, reaching a 330% increase in 2 years.

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