Artificial intelligence Dall-E may have created its own secret language

Artificial intelligence studies have progressed very rapidly in recent years. Even Google’s artificial intelligence called LaMDA has recently managed to bring the company together. But the researchers’ new report, to OpenAI belonging Dall-E He pointed out that his engine may have developed “his own secret language.”

Artificial intelligence Dall-E claims to have created its own secret language

Elon Musk’s OpenAI, of which he is on the board of directors, has been Dall-E 2 He is developing an artificial intelligence algorithm called Even artificial intelligence Dall-E Mini version has gone viral on social media recently. Succeeding in converting text-like texts into visuals, Dall-E may have created his own dictionary to understand some words.

Shocking claim from Google employee: Can Google artificial intelligence LaMDA think?

Is the Google artificial intelligence LaMDA really capable of thinking? A Google engineer came up with this claim.

The latest report in The Conversation drew attention to the dictionary used by Dall-E 2. According to researcher Aaron Snoswell, artificial intelligence has created a “secret dictionary” for frequently used words in everyday life, such as “bird” and “vegetable”. This secret dictionary has been released very recently. a new language that people can’t understand may be a precursor.

Aaron Snoswell said that artificial intelligence creating its own secret language will endanger the future of the technology world. According to the researcher, because of an obscure language, no one will be able to access the internet infrastructure and discover the mystery of the encrypted language.

But according to Snoswell yet “secret dictionaryNothing like ‘has happened. Artificial intelligence creates strange images by only understanding the texts given to it. In addition, according to the researcher’s claim, there is a relationship similar to the connection between the human brain and language in the world of artificial intelligence.

At least for now it is not possible to say that artificial intelligence creates a secret language. However, the researcher said in his report that it is important to closely follow the developments related to Dall-E 2 and to understand the algorithm it uses.

Also a while ago Google’s artificial intelligence LaMDA can think The question was on the agenda. Google engineer made an important claim for LamMDA. Accordingly, Google artificial intelligence had the ability to think LaMDA.

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