Apple Music faces transphobia lawsuit

With over 75 million music Apple Music platform is facing a new copyright lawsuit. claiming to own the copyright of the song Anything You Synthesize Charming Beats, sued the company.

Platforms like Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music often face copyright lawsuits. This time, however, Apple Music was sued by the same company on 3 different issues related to copyright, misleading advertising and transphobia.

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Copyright and misleading advertising lawsuit filed against Apple Music platform

Posted by French rapper Ninho Caramelo Explaining that the song also has a music component with unlicensed reproduction, Charming Beats shared detailed information on the subject.

Apple Music is on the agenda with copyright lawsuit
Artist named DeeBaby named in the case file

In the information shared by the company, “Our litigation process goes back to 2017, when Apple and its associated company filed takedown notices on MediaLab.” statements are included. Underlining that false and misleading advertisements are made on the Apple Music platform, the company said, $150,000 sued for compensation.

The details of the lawsuit claim that the compensation could be between $30,000 and $150,000. Demanding a trial by the jury, the company announced that the Apple Music platform included an artist described as transphobic in its advertisement.

DeeBaby Stating that artist named made transphobic statements, the company said, “DeeBaby is a notorious artist who has been widely criticized for her transphobic statements.” used the phrases.

Stating that MediaLab did not take into account the warnings made by the DMCA, Charming Beats underlined that misleading advertisements are still active. Apple Music and DeeBaby have not yet made a statement on the subject.

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