Apple Announces ChatGPT Killer Artificial Intelligence ReALM

Apple researchers are working on a new artificial intelligence language model called ReALM, which will greatly improve voice assistants.

Apple is one of the companies working on artificial intelligence, which has become almost the sole focus of technology lately. Technology giant from Cupertino, ReALM (Reference Resolution as Language Model) developed the artificial intelligence system called.

In the article published by Apple researchers, artificial intelligence system It was explained how it performs reference analysis, how it perceives more colloquial contents and the background of the contents. As a result, ReALM was described as a system that promises potential to pave the way for more cognitive and natural interactions.

Understanding roasted chickpea without saying ‘leb’

Reference resolution is of great importance for language models. Language models understand who we are talking about in conversation or it is used so that they can associate things that we do not directly point out with the information we provide. This area stands out as one of the areas where digital assistants have struggled so far. ReALM, on the other hand, derives meaning from text-based images placed on the screen and creates answers according to the content and structure on the screen.

Researchers are interested in understanding the content of a conversation. ReALM He states that it is further ahead than ChatGPT-4. Moreover, since ReALM is much less complex than the GPT series “ideal choice” It is also stated that . According to Apple engineers “This system without sacrificing performance able to work on the systemhas features.

Apple’s new iPhone series artificial intelligence assistant is expected to provide space. Perhaps this assistant will appear with ReALM.


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