Analysts are on the Rise for XRP and These 3 Coins: Mega Pump is Coming!

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, market enthusiasts find themselves at the intersection of expectation and caution. While XRP is experiencing price fluctuations, analysts are predicting potential upsides. EGRAG CRYPTO predicted a “mega pump” of up to $0.85, while Dark Defender set a target range of $0.87-$1.05. Meanwhile, Bluntz, known for accurately predicting Bitcoin’s floor price in 2018, has shifted his focus to Solana and Polygon, predicting rallies and new highs for these crypto assets. Meanwhile, the resurgence of meme coins, especially Dogecoin, has sparked curiosity among analysts. Here are the details…

High XRP analyzes attracted attention

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing fluctuations, and Ripple’s crypto asset XRP is no exception. Latest data from CoinGecko reveals that the price of XRP dropped to $0.59 on November 18, but has recovered slightly to $0.61. However, it remains below the $0.70 level in early November. Despite this, analysts remain optimistic about the future of XRP. EGRAG CRYPTO predicts a “mega pump” if the asset breaks key support levels, predicting a potential price increase to $0.85.

Dark Defender is also bullish, predicting a target range of $0.87-$1.05. The upcoming introduction of crypto ETFs in the US is seen as a positive impact on the crypto asset sector. In light of these forecasts, EGRAG CRYPTO advises caution and urges investors to strategically allocate some of their assets.

Upside moves for SOL and MATIC

Famous trader Bluntz, who correctly predicted Bitcoin’s floor price during the 2018 bull market, now turns attention to Solana (SOL) and Polygon (MATIC). Bluntz suggests that Solana is poised for a rally, citing a number of tier 1-2 coins that have rallied from recent lows. The trader expects SOL to reach $80 and beyond, with intermediate targets at $70 and $82.50. Turning to MATIC, Bluntz detects a bullish divergence on the hourly time frame, indicating potential upside momentum. The trader is targeting a price of $1 for MATIC, predicting a 20% rise to new highs.

Dogecoin attracts analysts’ attention

Finally, the resurgence of meme coins, especially Dogecoin (DOGE), attracted the attention of analysts. Despite only gaining 13.6% for the year, DOGE’s recent rise of 33.2% has made analysts cautious. Crypto trader Tony “The Bull” notes that DOGE is rising towards a one-month parabolic SAR indicator, followed by historically significant gains. Technical analysis points to Fibonacci levels; $0.12 at the 0.618 Fib level and $0.23 at the 1.618 Fib level are seen as potential medium-term targets.

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