An invitation to invest in Türkiye from all screens in New York to the world!

Last February, the Turkish Presidential Investment Office opened an office in the New York Turkish House, a skyscraper that hosts Turkey’s permanent mission to the United Nations and the Turkish Consulate General. Today, it became a hot topic with its investment invitation for Türkiye, which it made worldwide.

An invitation to invest in Türkiye from all screens in New York to the world!

The Presidential Investment Office called to the whole world and invited investment for Turkey through the giant screens in New York’s famous square known as Times Square. This work, which started on September 18, will continue until tomorrow evening.

So, what is the aim of this study and what is promised to investors? The Presidential Investment Office explains the issue as follows:

“Despite all the uncertainties, vulnerabilities, fluctuations and instabilities the world is going through, Turkey continues to grow; It continues to be a regional power center and an important playmaker of global diplomacy/commerce.

“With its resilient and fast-growing economy, Turkey offers access to global markets at the intersection of Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as investor-friendly policies and a wide talent pool to attract sustainable international direct investments (UDY).”

Türkiye and the UAE will invest in local technology companies!

Turkey, which has agreed to establish a joint fund with the United Arab Emirates, will invest in technology companies.


  • It has a strong, resilient and fast-growing economy.
  • It decisively implements reforms that facilitate investment processes.
  • It offers a deep, talented and competitive talent pool.
  • It provides access to global markets with its strategic location at the intersection of Europe, Asia and Africa.


  • It is the 11th largest economy in the world by purchasing power parity (PPP).
  • It has grown at an average rate of 5.4% in the last 20 years.
  • It is the world’s 3rd fastest growing economy among G20 countries, after China and India.
  • It has proven its resilience with a V-type recovery despite the pandemic and global economic shocks.
  • It has demonstrated a strong sustainable development model over the last 20 years.

Foreign trade:

  • Exports, which were 36 billion US dollars in 2002, will reach 255 billion US dollars in 2022.
  • The share from global exports exceeded 1%.
  • The number of products with an export value of 1 billion USD or more increased from 9 in 2002 to 53 in 2022.


  • While international direct investment (UDY) inflow was at the level of 15 billion US dollars between 1980-2002, this figure exceeded 256 billion US dollars between 2003-2023.
  • While the share received from global FDI was 0.2% until 2002, it has increased to over 1% today.
  • The number of companies with international capital has increased more than tenfold in the last 20 years, reaching 80,000 from 6,000.
  • When the geographical distribution of FDI coming to Turkey in the last 20 years is examined, Europe leads with a share of 70%, followed by Asia with 15%, America with 8% and Gulf countries with 7%.
  • In the sectoral distribution of FDI, financial services and banking are the sectors that attract the most FDI, followed by the manufacturing industry, energy, wholesale and retail trade and information-communication technologies.
  • Contributions of international investors, who trust in Turkey’s potential and reinforce the country’s position as a regional production, engineering, R&D, logistics and management center, play a key role in FDI flows.
  • When we look at the value propositions that play a role in distinguishing Turkey from its geographical neighbors and attracting international investors to Turkey, the talent pool that is young, qualified, competitive, closely follows technology and has an entrepreneurial business culture comes to the fore.

The purpose of the Investment Office is:

  • To attract value-added and technology-oriented investments that will strengthen Turkey’s position in the global supply chain and move it forward.
  • E-mobility, life sciences, energy storage, chemistry, ICT, machinery, advanced manufacturing, defense-aerospace and agriculture are among the supported priority sectors.

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