Amouranth Shows How Much Has Changed After Scandal Disclosure

Famous publisher Amouranth showed how much his broadcasts have changed after exposing his wife who threatened him. Bath tub posts, which are often criticized on social media, have dropped to an all-time low in the past month.

One of the Twitch streamers with the most followers and the ‘Pool, Bathtub and Beach‘, which is the pioneer of publications in the category Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Syracusehas come to the fore with a striking event in the past few weeks. The publisher announced that he was threatened by his wife for making 18+ posts.

Amouranth’s statements had been on the agenda for weeks all over the world and caused controversy. Stating that she will leave her husband in her statement, Amouranth shared how her Twitch broadcasts evolved after the scandalous disclosure.

Amouranth has drastically reduced tub releases:

Amouranth shared on Twitter. change of broadcast content in the last 30 days. gave place. The publisher, who was criticized for continuing to broadcast the bathtub after the events, shared the following statement in response to these criticisms:

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