Altcoin Price Rises 60 Percent When the History of the Artificial Intelligence Platform Was Announced!

Theta Network plans to open the platform it has developed for artificial intelligence projects within a few weeks.

According to the statement of the Theta team Theta EdgeCloud of the project Opening for use on May 1 Waiting.

EdgeCloud; It will give small and large-scale developers, researchers and organizations access to the GPU capacity required to perform all types of AI tasks.

Theta team, “one of the most advanced decentralized software platforms in edge computing” The necessary IT infrastructure for the EdgeCloud platform introduced as It started to be created years ago he stated.

With models such as stable diffusion and Llama2 text-to-3D conversion within the EdgeCloud architecture of models that can work easily announced.

Theta price according to CoinGecko data $1.37 from levels 61% with increase $2.21 reached its levels. Theta is trading at $2.16 at the time of writing.

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