Alfa Romeo May Have to Change Milan’s Name

The fact that Alfa Romeo’s recently introduced Milano model will be produced in Poland angered the Italian government. According to the government, it is not legal to produce a vehicle with an Italian name in another country.

Italian automobile giant Alfa Romeo launched its new SUV model, which attracted a lot of attention with its unique design. Milan had introduced. It was stated that the vehicle, which has many remarkable features, will be produced in Poland. However, the news coming today is that the vehicle is produced outside Italy. angered the government revealed. The reason for this is the name of the car.

Minister of Business Administration Adolfo Urso said Milano should not be produced in a country other than Italy. illegal said that. According to the government in law Products with Italian names should not be produced in other countries he is writing. We know that Milan comes from the city of the same name in Italy. Urso uses the following statements about this:

A car with the Milan name cannot be produced in Poland. The law prohibits statements that may mislead consumers. So a car named Milano has to be produced in Italy. Otherwise this is a misleading statement is happening.”

“A car with an Italian name cannot be produced outside Italy.”

At the launch, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares stated that they chose Poland instead of Italy for the production of the model, which will have both internal combustion and electric versions. At this price too Saving around 10 thousand euros He stated that he would provide it. In other words, it could come with a price around 30 thousand dollars instead of 40 thousand dollars. The Milano was also recorded as the only model to be produced outside Italy.

There is no statement yet from Alfa Romeo on the subject. We will see what path they will follow in the future. Let us note that the said law is generally effective on food products. In this way, it is tried to prevent the production of Italian-named products outside Italy.

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