AI Index 2024 Report Released: Here are the Implications

Stanford University published the AI ​​Index 2024 report. The report revealed 10 striking takeaways about the artificial intelligence industry.

Scientists who continue their studies at Stanford University are working on artificial intelligence.AI Index” They published the latest issue of the report. The 500-page report, which contains more details than previously published reports, is about artificial intelligence. taking attention results offers.

AI Index 2024 is about the current state of the artificial intelligence industry 10 striking takeaways has also revealed. If you wish, let’s not cut to the chase and take a closer look at the 10 takeaways from the report published by Stanford University.

Here are the conclusions about the current state of the artificial intelligence industry.

  • Artificial intelligence in some fields better than people.
  • Studies on artificial intelligence are more sector based done. Academic studies were not that effective.
  • Artificial intelligence models are much more it has become expensive.
  • USAhas surpassed all its competitors in terms of the best artificial intelligence models.
  • Artificial intelligence models are developed according to certain standards. not tested.
  • On generative artificial intelligence investments continue to increase does.
  • artificial intelligence, employees increases their productivity.
  • Artificial intelligence, scientific studies made it faster.
  • related to artificial intelligence legal regulations started to increase.
  • People are more aware of the potential impacts of artificial intelligence. They are conscious and tense..

The conclusions revealed by Stanford University contain striking details. Simply put, the global public’s attention to the research 52 percent, are concerned about the potential risks of artificial intelligence. On the other hand; It has been determined that the USA is doing very serious work in the field of artificial intelligence, as in every field. According to the report, US companies will 61 artificial intelligence models they developed. This number was recorded as 21 in the EU and 15 in China.

artificial intelligence report

There is one more issue we need to highlight in the report. Artificial intelligence, at least in some areas He started to do better work than people. This seems to trigger many people’s fear of “losing their job”. However, research has shown that artificial intelligence is also beneficial for humans. In their business life The performance of people who receive help from artificial intelligence has begun to improve.


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In addition to all this; artificial intelligence now a fact of our life We can say that it has become. Because companies started to spend huge amounts of money on artificial intelligence technologies. According to the research, OpenAI spent 78 million dollars just for the training of GPT-4. Google for Gemini’s training $191 million It was stated that he spent

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