After Elon Musk, Now It’s Michael Saylor’s Turn: Your Highlight is Amazing!

Leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) Michael Saylor, who met the company in 2020 but became one of the most Bitcoin buyers in a short time, seems to have had very bad memories for an investor.

3 BTC Went To Scammers

MicroStrategy’s Saylor, as its CEO, could not avoid being the target of scammers. One of the most common fraud methods in the crypto money industry is known as giveaway by opening similar profiles of famous people. These events are usually promised to those who give small amounts of cryptocurrencies 5-10 times that. Of course, predictably, the main goal is simply to earn more cryptocurrencies and the sender will never get them back.

A user, on the other hand, made this mistake on November 21 and sent 3 Bitcoins, approximately 179,000 dollars, to the fraudsters. According to the information conveyed by Whale Alert, 3 BTC was sent to the wallet of the fraudsters using Michael Saylor.

It seems that the scammers even opened a fake MicroStrategy website about it, but the page has now been closed. It is seen that 72.14 BTC was sent to the wallet. This corresponds to 4.16 million dollars. As of now, there is 16.7 BTC left at the address, and the scammers are trying to get the funds out using various untraceable tools.

Although Michael Saylor is not the main culprit here, it is certain that the sender of the funds will not forget Saylor for a long time.

Experts after these events to users; He repeats the warning “Never give credit and send your assets to people who ask you for money with various promises”.

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