Adobe Firefly Image 3 announced!

Artificial intelligence, an important branch of technology, has witnessed serious developments recently. That’s why big companies have their eyes on this field. Adobe is also among these companies. Regulating its goals in order to follow artificial intelligence developments Adobenew today Firefly Image 3 announced the model. So what does this do? Here’s all you need to know…

Adobeimage rendering model Firefly Image announced a new version for . Introduced in October 2023 Firefly Image 2 Following the model, the new model was announced at a conference held in London today. image 3In addition to delivering higher quality images, it promises to better understand user prompts and provide more advanced detail.

Created with Firefly Image 3.

image 2It is said that it can produce much better results compared to image 3thus midjourney And OpenAI developed by DALL-E It becomes a strong competitor against other models. Adobe, image 3 He also announced his goals for .

Adobe entered the artificial intelligence video business!  Sora alternative is coming

Adobe entered the artificial intelligence video business! Sora alternative is coming

Adobe aims to revolutionize the field of video editing by developing artificial intelligence-supported production technologies alternative to Sora.

Adobe, Photoshop for Firefly Image 3 started testing the supported image creation feature. The update, available to beta users, will be released for everyone towards the end of this year. But there is no clear date for this.

Adobe, Firefly for monthly 79.61 TLon an annual basis 797.47 TL demands. With this membership, 100 photos can be created every month. However, we should also point out that there is a free option that allows you to create 25 images each month. Those who want to try it can benefit from it free of charge. To do this, simply log in to your Adobe account. You can click here to access the relevant web page.

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