ADA, ETH and SOL Coin Predictions from Artificial Intelligence for January 31!

The cryptocurrency market witnessed dizzying volatility in the first days of the year. News and developments around the Spot Bitcoin ETF have taken the market on a rollercoaster ride. This left investors in an uncertain position about how January will go. At this point, artificial intelligence predicts where the price of ADA, ETH and SOL Coin will be at the end of January.

Artificial intelligence determined the SOL Coin price for January 31

Solana (SOL) has faced a number of bullish forecasts due to its increasing strength in the closing months of 2023. He managed to meet and defeat most of them. The cryptocurrency entered 2023 at around $11 and closed the year at around $106. cryptokoin.comAs you follow from , SOL Coin has increased by up to 500% in the last two months. So, it rose to over $100. After such a significant rise, it is not certain that the SOL’s rise will continue until 2024.

We turned to artificial intelligence to understand what path Solana might follow by the end of the month. In this regard, he made a prediction on CoinCodex’s predictive AI-driven machine learning algorithms. These algorithms attempt to predict the future price of assets like SOL Coin by analyzing past performance and relevant market conditions and factors. CoinCodex set the January 31 price for SOL Coin at $119.22.

SOL Coin AI prediction for January. Source: CoinCodex

Such a prediction shows that the cryptocurrency will continue to rise this month, although not too dramatically. The chart accompanying the forecast also notes that machine learning algorithms are predicting significant volatility for Solana. Algorithms also predict that Solana will go through several major peaks this month. In this direction, he predicts that it will reach $ 127 for a short time on January 8 and $ 133 on January 30. Additionally, sentiment towards Solana is generally bullish, according to CoinCodex data. It also shows “greed” on the “Fear & Greed Index,” an index that tracks investor sentiment.

Artificial intelligence determined the ADA price for January 31

Most crypto assets have started to turn from red to green again. However, the market has not yet gained momentum. Amidst this slowdown, Cardano (ADA) seems to be slowing down as well. It is not yet clear whether this is temporary or the beginning of a downward cycle. We enlisted the help of CoinCodex to use AI-powered machine learning algorithms for ADA price prediction.

According to algorithms, the price of ADA will rise to $0.620460 by January 31. This indicates an increase of approximately 10% from its current level of $0.5632 at the time of this writing.

SOL Coin
January 31 price prediction for ADA. Source: CoinCodex

Artificial intelligence determined the ETH price for January 31

The broader cryptocurrency market has suffered losses from the sudden drop in the price of Bitcoin (BTC). Ethereum (ETH), the largest altcoin, was also affected. Investors are wondering if this is the beginning of a bear cycle or if the tides will turn soon. So we asked for support from CoinCodex to use artificial intelligence-supported machine learning algorithms.

According to the algorithms, the predicted price for ETH will rise to $2,285 by January 31. This reflects a 2.60% increase from its current level of $2,227 at the time of writing.

SOL Coin
ETH price prediction for January 31. Source: CoinCodex

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