According to a Study, the Internet Does Not Badly Affect Our Minds

We often hear, “The Internet and social media lead people to depression.” Scientists responded to his claims: “We researched it, if it had been so, it would have happened.”

With the proliferation of smartphones on the internet We started spending more time together. Many people who were dissatisfied with this process began to say that the internet was harmful to people and made people more unhappy and more susceptible to mental illnesses. These claims, of course, attracted the attention of scientists.

Giant research involving two million people has been concluded

from 168 countriesages 15 to 89 ranging from two million people Researchers examining the data encountered interesting results. Yes, the number of negative experiences people had increased when they spent time online, but the number of positive experiences also varied in the same direction. The result showed that the internet was not actually that bad as it was said.

Oxford Internet Institute In the statement made about this giant study coordinated by , it was stated that if there is a relationship between poor or low mental health and internet use, this link should be revealed in such a large research. Any research age or gender group While no negative effects were observed, it was also noted that women became happier as the internet became more widespread.

In research social media has not been specifically studied. While the study focused on home and mobile internet usage, the effects of different platforms were not specifically examined. Claims that the entire internet is bad in general have been tested. Scientists from various countries and 2000-2019 covering between Anxiety, depression and self-harm tendency data were compared with internet usage rates.

Research, Clinical Psychological ScienceIt was published in .

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