According to a lightning poll, Scholz wins Triell

SPD candidate for Chancellor Olaf Scholz also has, according to a survey of the audience second major televised debate the candidate for chancellor decided for themselves. This was the result of an ARD lightning poll after the TV triumph on Sunday evening. After Infratest-dimap’s survey found 41 percent the audience Scholz the most convincing overall. Landed in second place Lash with 27, the audience found the least convincing 25 percent according to the ARD survey the Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock.

In a Forsa survey after the first TV debate of the three two weeks earlier on RTL / ntv, viewers had also seen Scholz as the winner (36 percent), but behind that in a different order: Baerbock (30) in second place and Laschet (25 ) as a third party. Also with the question of the competence lay Scholz according to the ARD survey now in front. 49 percent the audience attributed the most competent performance to him, followed by Laschet with 26 percent and Baerbock with 18 percent. The audience found Scholz According to the survey, too most believable (39 percent). Baerbock and Laschet are on par with 26 percent. Scholz in particular was able to collect points among the viewers who were still undecided about the election: 36 percent of this group said they found him the most convincing; Laschet and Baerbock are on par with 25 percent each on this aspect.

The matter is a little different when it comes to sympathy: Am most sympathetic the audience found the Green candidate Baerbock with 39 percent, followed by Scholz in second place with 24 percent. Union candidate Laschet brings in the fewest sympathy points with 18 percent. When asked who the greatest drive radiated during the exchange of blows, could Baerbock with 41 percent collect the most points. On this point, Scholz and Laschet were behind Baerbock with 28 and 25 percent respectively.

The ARD commissioned the survey institute Infratest dimap for the survey, which was published on and in the political talk show by Anne Will after the TV triell. This survey is representative of the TV viewers of the Triell and therefore not representative of all eligible voters. According to the broadcaster, two thirds of the survey was conducted over the phone and one third online.