A101 Will Sell Tiny House: Here’s the Price

A101 announced that it will sell tiny houses on April 25. The tiny house, which will be produced specifically for A101, can be purchased for 399,900 TL.

A101, one of Turkey’s leading chain supermarkets, will do something remarkable again this week. The company this weektiny house” will sell. A101 has sold tiny houses in the past.

It was announced that it was produced specifically for the A101.Escamp 6500 Flat“, was designed as 1+1 and offers 16 square meters of living space. Inside, it is designed for a house you will need The tiny house, which houses everything, has a very modern appearance.

Introducing Escamp 6500 Flat

The tiny house has an interior cladding with heat, moisture and sound insulation features, and an exterior siding. thermal insulation It was produced using sandwich panel material that provides On the floor of the house laminate flooring was used. There is also an infrastructure for the electrical system in this tiny house.


Is the “Tiny House”, a small but safe living space whose popularity rose after the earthquakes, really advantageous?

A101 tiny house

The price of tiny house, which will be available as of April 25, is: 399.900 TL It was announced as.

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