A Neighborhood in the USA Throws a Party to Celebrate the Public Toilet

The public toilet built in a neighborhood in San Francisco was celebrated with a mini festival. The reason for this celebration was that the project was announced for 1.7 million dollars and could be completed for 200 thousand dollars.

in the USA public expenditure It is frequently on the agenda. The cost of any project reaching millions of dollars draws reaction from the American people. The latest example of this situation was the toilet crisis in San Francisco. A public toilet project approximately the size of a bus stop, with enough space for a single person and an open sink. cheap(!) Its completion created joy among the people.

This public toilet, which was the subject of scandals, spanned several years. $1.7 million It was announced as a project. This structure looks like it could be completed in a few days with 6 workers, 6 stacks of lahmacun and enough drinks. “for only 200 thousand dollars” Its completion was celebrated to protest the situation.

The main purpose of the celebration is to protest the branching out of the project.

San Francisco residents, public spending to protest the inconsistency followed such a method. Three local politicians also attended the celebration, which featured poop-shaped cakes, people dressed as toilet paper and live music. The protest party, which hosted costumed participants, attracted great attention. Of course, it achieved its goal by finding coverage in the press.

The organizer of the event Leslie Crawford, “(The toilet incident) has become so ridiculous. Why shouldn’t we be ridiculous too?” he said. Frankly in san francisco This situation seems to be an action version of the political humor made on social media platforms in our country.


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